Nabum Tuki, Chief Minister


Message to the people after assuming office


























Dear citizens of Arunachal Pradesh

I am aware that the moods of the people at the moment, owing to political undercurrents, are pensive. So many things have happened so fast in the past months that the very trust of the people on government and governance has been shaken very badly. I humbly apologise to the people of the state for the inconveniences caused due to internal matters of the Congress party.

Now that everything has been sorted out letís join the snapped thread of the path we were on and continue from where we left. Letís make this a new chapter in the history of Arunachal Pradesh and jointly write down the lines of development, love, peace and harmony.

As I have been entrusted by the Congress High Command and my colleagues in the state government to lead the state from the front, I am obliged and accept the responsibility. I swear to give my heart and soul to the onerous job not only as a leader but as a friend and brother to all irrespective of tribe, caste, religion and gender as well as political affiliations. I am a firm believer in inclusive governance and participation of every community, every leader and every citizen of the state in the developmental and welfare initiatives. Together we can march ahead with guaranteed success.

We know our state is passing through a difficult phase since the death of our beloved leader late Dorjee Khandu. In him the state lost a great visionary and I lost a very dear friend. Letís not waste time in other petty matters but work on the visions of late Khanduji. Personally, it would be my privilege to carry on his good work and I will feel eternally blessed to do so.

There are several other problems and issues confronting various communities and districts across the state. We will take each one seriously in consultation with all stakeholders through confidence building measures. Resolving issues of huge magnitude needs time and patience. Therefore, I appeal all to bear with the Government and not lose patience at any cost. When issues can be sorted through dialogue, consultation and negotiation there should remain no scope for agitations, especially in the form of bandh calls. While saying that, I assure that my Government would respect all issue-based agitations by concerned organizations in a democratic manner and intervene to sort it out by taking the concerned organization into confidence.

On a stronger note, I would like to warn mischief-mongers, who are bent on creating communal rifts for vested interests, that my Government will not tolerate such misadventures. The communal harmony and bonding between tribes of the state are unshakable since hundreds of years. Letís not shake it now, not in a civilized and educated world of today. I appeal to members of all indigenous communities not to be carried away by few vested interest people, who may make hard attempts to play the communal card. In the same breath, I also remind them that no government or security forces can prevent or defuse any such communal tension if the communities involved themselves do not take it head on. When majority of the citizens are together and united, the minority of ill-intent persons can never harm or even shake the communal harmony prevailing since ages.

All indigenous communities and friends from other parts of the country, who are employed, studying or doing business here, together form Arunachal Pradesh. Letís all contribute in our own way to take our homeland on a path of development while upholding harmony and brotherhood.

Together, we can do it.



























































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