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The Arunachal Pradesh Gazette
published by authority
No. 142. Vol. VIII, Naharlagun, Monday, June 1, 1998 Jyaistha 11, 1920, (Saka)


The 26th May, 1998

No. GA(A)-25/96.—In exercise of the powers conferred, by clause (3) of the Article 166 of the Constitution of India, the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh is pleased to make the following rules, namely :—

1. (a) These rules may be called the Business of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh (Allocation) Rules, 1998.
    (b) They shall come into force with immediate effect.

2. Definition : In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires.
(a) “Article” means as Article of the Constitution of India ;
(b) “Cabinet” means the Committee of the Council consisting of Ministers as appointed as such by the Governor ;
(c) “Chief Minister” means Minister appointed as such by the Governor under Article 164(1) of the Constitution ;
(d) “Constitution” means Constitution of India ;
(e) “Council” means the Council of Minister constituted under Article 163 of the Constitution ;
(f) “Department” means the department of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh as specified in the Schedule ;
(g) “Government” means the Government of Arunachal Pradesh ;
(h) “Governor” means the Governor of the State of Arunachal Pradesh ;
(i) “Minister” means a Minister appointed as such by the Governor and includes a Minister of State and Deputy Minister ;
(j) “Secretary” means a Secretary in a Department of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh and includes the Chief Secretary, Commissioner, Special Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary ;
(k) “Schedule” means the schedule appended to these rules.

3. Allocation of subjects to departments etc. : The entire business of the Government shall be transacted in the Department (all of which are hereinafter referred to as “Departments”) specified in the Schedule and shall be classified and distributed between those Departments as laid down therein :
Provided that the Governor may, from time to time, make such additions to, or modification in, the list of business allotted to a Department as the thinks fit.

4. Amendment of the Arunachal Pradesh Rules of Executive Business, 1987 :
In the Arunachal Pradesh Rules of Executive Business, 1987, for the existing rule 4, the following rule shall be substituted, namely :—
“4. The Business of the Government shall be transacted in its different departments, Allocation of subjects among the department shall be as set out in the Schedule appended in (Allocation) Rules, 1998.”

5. Repeal : The Business of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh (Allocation) Rules, 1975, is hereby repealed.

(See Rule 3)

(i) Agricultural production, Seeds Multiplication Farms and Seed Testing, including Seed (Control) Order, 1983.
(ii) Agricultural Extension and Gram Sevak Training and Farmers Training Centre.
(iii) Agricultural Census and Statistics.
(iv) Agricultural Information Services.
(v) Plant Protection.
(vi) Farm Machinery and Implements.
(vii) Demonstration Farm Trials and Adoptive Research.
(viii) Marketing of Agricultural Produce and State Agricultural Marketing Board, Implementation of Agricultural Marketing Act, 1989.
(ix) Post Harvest management of agricultural and horticultural crops i.e. marketing and processing and promotion of fruit based industries.
(x) Plasticulture in Agriculture.
(xi) High Yielding variety programmes, oilseeds and pulse programme, Intensive Rice cultivation Programme, (Technology Mission on Oil seeds and pulse).
(xii) National Watershed Development Programme in Rainfed Areas, and in shifting cultivation area.
(xiii) Agriculture Jhum Cultivation - Improvement, control and Conversion to Permanent.
(xiv) Commercial crops Development Schemes like Potato, Ginger, Chilli, Turmeric, Onion, Sugarcane, other Root and Tuber crops.
(xv) Manures and all kind of fertilisers (organic/inorganic and bio) to be used in Agriculture, Fertilizer (control) order, 1985, including Fertilizer (Control Order), 1983, Insecticides Control Order, 1987.
(xvi) Soil Testing and Soil health.
(xvii) Acquisition and deployment on subsidised hiring rate of power driven machineries, like tractor, dozers, power tillers, pumping sets etc., for agricultural and allied purposes, and for departmental use when idle.
(xviii) Vegetables production and vegetables seeds production.

A. Animal Husbandry
(i) Extension and Training.
(ii) Cattle and Buffalo Development.
(iii) Poultry Development.
(iv) Sheep, Goat and Wool Development.
(v) Piggery Development.
(vi) Other Livestock Development.
(vii) Conservation and Development of Indigenous Livestock.
(viii) Livestock Census.
(ix) Frozen Semen Technology and Artificial Insemination.
(x) Upgradation/improvement of Domestic Animal.
(xi) Feed & Fodder Development.
B. Veterinary
(i) Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseased animal/birds.
(ii) Prevention and Control livestock and poultry diseases.
(iii) Prevention against the cruelty of animals and birds.
(iv) Prevention and Control of Zoonotic diseases.
C. Dairy Development
(i) Enhance the milk production.
(ii) Processing of milk and milk products.
(iii) Collection and marketing of milk and milk products.
(iv) Organisation of dairy Co-operative Society through integrated Dairy Development programme.
(v) Imparting training on dairy management.

* (i) Preservation of artistic works like wood carving, painting wearing etc.
(ii) Artistic performance like song, dances, drama etc.
(iii) Conduct of traditional festivals.
(iv) Inter-State Cultural Exchanges.
(v) “See Your Own Country” - Cultural Tour of India.
(vi) Conduct and participation of Zonal cultural Festivals.
(vii) Contact with North East Zonal Cultural Centre.
(viii) Construction of traditional cultural institutions like Gompas, Deres, Maongs etc.
(ix) Creation/Establishment of infrastructure of Art and Cultural Department. 
(x) Seminars on traditional culture.
(xi) Maintenance of community Halls and maintenance of Cultural Complex of the State.
(xii) Procurement of traditional costumes.
(xiii) Publication/Printing on traditional cultural aspects of the tribes.
(xiv) Documentation of audio-visual cassettes and photographs.
(xv) Correspondence with Sangeet Natak Academics of Government of India.
(xvi) Protection of indigeneous tribal faith, customs, and photographs.
(xvii) Promotion of fine arts.
(xviii) Open air theatres in rural areas and theatres in the State capital.
(xix) Procurement and publication of rare manuscripts.
A. Library
(i) Setting up, Organization and management of Library Services in the State including mobile libraries.
(ii) Implementation of Legislation or Library Acts to support Library and Information System.
(iii) To support the National Literacy Programme of the Education Department.
(iv) To avail Assistance from Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation an Autonomous organization functioning under the auspices of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
(v) To promote and support the National Policy of Adult Education Programme by providing Reading Materials and other Library facilities.
(vi) To assist guide and entertain Research Scholars/academician.
(vii) To preserve manuscripts and Reading Materials out of print and rare books.
(viii) To organize Library Book exhibitions, Seminars and conduct competition among children.
B. Research
(i) Maintenance of ancient and historical monuments and record.
(ii) Management of museums and archives.
(iii) Research on indigenous tribes anthropology.
C. Gazetteers
(i) Matters pertaining to preparation and publication of gazetteers.
* Substituted by the 7th amendment with entries thereunder vide Notification No. GA(A)-40/98 dated 24-02-2000.

Civil Supplies.
(i) Implementation of Public Distribution System in Arunachal Pradesh.
(ii) Obtaining state allocation of rice, wheat, levy sugar, Iodised Salt, edible oil, POL products, Iron and Steel, soft Coke/coal and controlled cloth from Government of India and Sub-allocation to districts.
(iii) Liaison with Ministries of Civil Supplies, Food, Petroleum, Coal, Iron and Steel etc. of Government of India for various matters relating to State allocations, procurement etc. of various controlled commodities.
(iv) Liaison with FCI, Railway and Salt Commissioner and IOC, etc for timely release of allotted State quota.
(v) Fixation of retail selling rate of different controlled commodities on the basis of central issue price fixed by Government of India from time to time.
(vi) Obtaining approval of carriage rates for different routes in the different routes in the district from FCI for HTS.
(vii) Food grains, levy sugar, I/salt etc.
(viii) Petroleum Products.
(ix) Iron and Steel.
(x) Soft Coke/Coal.
(xi) Controlled cloth.
(xii) Enforcement of Essential Commodities Act 1955 and other controlled orders issued by the Government of India and State government from time to time, including prevention of black marketing.
(xiii) Establishment of storage facilities at District Headquarters/Public Distribution Centres and all other vulnerable locations.
(xiv) Replacement of CPO by PDs in a phased manner with the extension of road network in the State.
(xv) All establishment matter of officials of Civil Supplies Department.
(xvi) Trade and Commerce in, and Supply and Distribution of foodgrains.
(xvii) Implementation of LTS Scheme and Monitoring.
(xviii) Air lifting operations.
(xix) Monitoring of open market price of various essential commodities.
(xx) Controlling authority of establishment and all other relating to D.R.C, Office, Calcutta, Guwahati, Shillong, Tezpur, Mohanbari and Lilabari including Guest House Calcutta and Guwahati.
(xxi) Implementation of the Essential Commodities Act 1980 including prevention of black marketing.
Consumer Affairs.
(i) Standarisation of Metric System in the State.
(ii) Administration of Enforcement of 1976, Act No. 60 of 1976, Central Act (Enacted by the Parliament).
(iii) Approval of models of Weights, measures, weighing and measuring instrument manufactured in the State and recommendation of models manufactured in the country as a whole.
(iv) To regulate the inter-state trade and commerce of packaged commodities.
(v) Verification and stamping of weights and measures used in course of inter state trade and commerce.
(vi) Verification of Special seal used for inter-state calibration of tank lorries carrying petroleum products and chemical products.
(vii) To recommend the licence for Importer/export of weights and mea sures manufactured in the State.
(viii) Enforcement of the packaged commodity rules 1977 including amend- ments for sale, distribution or any commercial transaction on packaged commodities.
(ix) Determination of quantity, potency, tolerance etc. of the packaged com- modities sold by volumes number, weights of measure.
(x) Enforcement of standard of Weights and Measures Act 1985 in the State.
(xi) Registration of packers/manufacturers of packaged commodities within the state.
(xii) Registration of users of weights and measures.
(xiii) Appointment, Administration of Enforcement Officers/Official in the State.
(xiv) Determination of local jurisdictions of all Inspectorates, Asstt. Controllers.
(xv) Procurement, verification and custody of working standards, second- ary standards including verification and stamping of all weights and measures etc.
(xvi) Issue of licence to all manufacturers, repairers and dealers of weights and measures and verification, maintenance of all records and documents. 
(xvii) To regulate the use of non-standard, false and unstamped weights and measures. 
(xviii) To cause search, raids, seizures, forfeiture of and surprise checks on fraudulent use of weights and measures.
(xix) Provision with regard to sale of any items by heaps, quantity or number.
(xx) Approval to Compounding of offence committed in respect of weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments.
(xxi) Sanction for cognizance of offence for trial in the Courts of 1st class Magistrate.
(xxii) Framing and amendment of State rules in accordance with the enforce- ment Acts entrusted with the Department.
(xxiii) Arrangement for Summary trial of the offences on certain cases.
(xxiv) Realization of fees and fines to be credited to Govt. account.
(xxv) Administration and enforcement of Consumer protection Act, 1986.
(xxvi) Establishment of three tier quasi-judicial bodies viz. State Council, State Commission District Fora for redressal of consumer disputes.
(xxvii) Rendering of financial assistance to voluntary consumer organisation of and NGOS registered in State and working for consumer, interests and regulate the consumer welfare fund and created in the State.
(xxviii) Organisations working group, seminar, workshop, world consumer programmes including publicity and propaganda necessary for creati- ing awareness amongst consumers and general people.
(xxix) Nomination of members (judicial and non-judicial) and official, non- official in three quasi-judicial bodies and in National Council.
(xxx) Training of enforcement officers and non-judicial members and mem- bers of voluntary organisation.
(xxxi) Raising of voluntary organisations throughout the State and imparting guidance to them.
(xxxii) Implementation of quality control orders of the Bureau of Indian stan- dards as Nodal Department. 
(xxxiii) Enforcement and administration of BIS Act 1986.
(xxxiv) Formation of State level monitoring committee on quality control.
(xxxv) Issue of Licence for manufacture of weights and measures under stan- dard of weights and measures Act 1985 in the State.

All matters relating to :-
(i) Promotion of Co-operative Movement.
(ii) Co-operative Extension Programme.
(iii) Enactment and enforcement of Co-operative Act, 1978 and Rules, 1982.
(iv) Organization, registration, inspection, supervision, monitoring and auditing of Co-operative Societies.
(v) Government financial assistance to Co-operative societies in the shape of loan, subsidy and share capital participation.
(vi) Implementation and monitoring of all Government Schemes including NCDC relating to Co-operative Movement and providing Policy support.
(vii) Implementation of credit policy of Government through Arunachal Pradesh State Co-operative Apex Bank and other Co-operative Institutions.
(viii) To develop marketing and processing of Agri/Horti Produces, Handloom and Handicraft, Procurement and Distribution of essential commodities.
(ix) Ensuring proper utilization of Government investments in Co-operative sector and recovery thereof.
(x) Realisation of Audit fee and dividend due to Government from Co-operative Societies.
(xi) Re-organization, amalgamation, rehabilitation and liquidation of Co- operative Societies.
(xii) Liaison and intersection with various concerned Government Depart- ments and national level co-operative institutions including NCDC, RBI, NCCT etc.
(xiii) Establishment matters of the Department of co-operation.

(i) Matters relating to district administration.
(ii) Reorganization of Districts, Subdivisions, Circles and declaration of their boundaries.
(iii) Matters relating to Auxiliary Labour Corps (ALCS) and animal transport in the districts.
(iv) Establishment of Divisional Commissioners.
(v) Empowering divisional Commissioners, DCs, SDO and Circle Officers with judicial, executive and financial powers.
(vi) Monitoring their activities and issue of guidelines. 
*(vii) Payment of ‘POSSA’ Compensation to the Tribal Chiefs of Bomdila and Tawang.
*(viii) Scrutiry of TA/LTC/MR bills of D. Cs and A.D. Cs.

A. Directorate of School Educaation
(i) Pre-Primary, Elementary and Basic Education.
(ii) Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.
(iii) Libraries of Educational institutions.
(iv) Stipend/Scholarships and loans for general Education upto Higher Secondary level.
(v) Administration of educational Institutions under this sector.
(vi) Approval of School text books.
(vii) Development and propagation of Hindi.
(viii) Trusts and charitable endowments for educational purposes.
(ix) Incentive Schemes.
(x) National Cadet Corps (NCC) and Auxiliary Cadet Corps (ACC).
(xi) Scouts and Guides.
(xiii) Omitted
(xv) Science Seminar and the exhibitions and conduct of National Talent Search Examination.
(xvi) Teacher’s Training/Orientation programmes.
(xvii) Appointment of all categories of teachers and other non-gazetted staff under the school Education.
(xiii) Social Education and Adult Education including National Literacy Mission.
B. Directorate of Higher and Technical Education
(i) College Education.
(ii) Expansion, development and propagation of Technical and professional Education (other than Medical Education).
(iii) Stipend/Scholarships and loans for Higher Education including Technical Education.
(iv) Administration of Educational institutions under this sector.
(v) Matters relating to Arunachal University.
(vi) Matters relating to conduct of joint Entrance Examination and allotment of seats to Technical and professional courses including Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture, Pisciculture etc. against Arunachal Pradesh quota.
(vii) National Service Scheme.
(viii) Matters relating to nomination of students to Engineering Institutions.

(i) Conduct of elections to Parliament and State Legislative Assembly.
(ii) Election petitions and tribunals.
(iii) All correspondence with Election Commission of India.
(iv) Delimitation of constituencies.
(v) Revision/Preparation of Electoral Rolls.
(vi) Work relating to Photo Identity Card (PIC).
(vii) Reference to requirement of staff and action to be taken thereon vis-a-vis communication from the Election Commission.

A. Forest
(i) Conservation and management of Forests and their bio-diversity.
(ii) Forest Administration.
(iii) Administration of Forest acts, their enforcement and Forest Policies viz.
(a) Assam Forest Regulation, 1891 and rules made thereunder.
(b) Arunachal Pradesh Anchal and Village Forest Reserves (con- stitution and Maintenance) Act, 1975 as amended upto date and Rules made thereunder.
(c) Indian Forest Act, 1927.
(d) Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 as amended during 1988 and rules made thereunder. 
(iv) Forestry Research and matters relating to STATE FOREST RESEARCH INSTITUTE.
(v) Forest based industries.
(vi) Development of wastelands including social Forestry and Integrated Afforestation and Eco-development and other allied matters.
(vii) Forest protection including raising of a Forest Protection Force its creation and Administration.
(viii) Orchids-their Preservation, development and cultivation etc.
(ix) Conservation and development of Medicinal and Aromatic plants etc.
(x) Construction of roads in the forests and Buildings of the Forest department.
(xi) Public Garden Parks.
b. Wildlife
(i) Conservation and development of Wildlife. 
(ii) Administration of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 as amended uptodate and rules made thereunder.
(iii) Matters relating to CITES, IUCN, Central Zoo Authority, WWP, IBWL, and other allied matters.
(iv) Management of Zoo (s) and other parks and gardens. 
C. Environment
(i) All matters relating to conservation and development of environment and control of pollution.
(ii) Enforcement and Administration of relevant Acts and Rules in the field of environment and pollution viz.
(a) Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and Rules in the field of environment and pollution viz.
(b) The water (prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1974 as amended upto 1988 and Rules made thereunder.
(c) The Air (prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1981 as amended in 1987 and Rules made thereunder.
(d) The water (prevention and control of pollution) cess Act, 1977 as amended upto 1991 and Rules made thereunder.
(iii) Constitution of the State pollution Control Board, Administration and Management of its business.
(vi) Matters relating to paryavaran Vahini, National environment awareness compaign, International Day for preservation of ozone layer, Earth day, world Environment Day and other allied matters.
(v) State Environmental Council.
D. Public Sector Undertaking
(i) All matters relating to Administration and Management of Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation Ltd.
(ii) Arunachal Pradesh Medicinal and Aromatic Plans Development Corporation.
E. Forest Personnel
(i) All matter relating to recruitment promotions, service conditions, service rules and regulations, transfer and postings, pension cases and all service matters relating to :
(ii) Indian Forest Service of AGMU cadre posted in the State.
(iii) Arunachal Pradesh Forest Service.
(iv) Subordinate executive Forest Service (Forest Rangers, Deputy Forest Rangers, Foresters, Forest Guards,Forest Watchers etc) Including scientists under the Department of Environment and Forest.
(v) All ex-cadre gazetted and non gazetted post including scientist under this department of Environment and Forests.
(vi) Preparation of Civil lists of various categories of Officers and Staff of services referred to in item (I) above and periodical cadre review of IFS and APSFS.
(vii) Training and career development of the Officers of Indian Forest Service, State Forest Service including subordinate executive Forest Staff, Scientists and other Gazetted and non-Gazetted Officials.

(i) Preparation and compilation of Budget Estimates.
Revised estimates and Supplementary Grants.
(ii) Administration of the Consolidated fund and contingency fund of the State.
(iii) Control of Expenditure and economy measures.
(iv) Audit and Accounts.
(v) All matters relating to Banks and Banking institutions.
(vi) Matters relating creation of posts, fixation of pay and grants-in-aid.
(vii) Financing of Five Years Plans and expenditure sanctions relating to Plan and Non-Plan Schemes of all departments.
(viii) Loans and Advances.
(ix) Exercise of financial powers delegated by the Governor in case where such powers have not been specifically delegated to other departments and authorities.
(x) Scales of pay and allowances, revision etc.
(xi) Reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General and laying it before the Assembly.
(xii) Delegation of financial and cognate powers, honorarium, fees etc.
(xiii) Advice on all matters relating to Pay and Allowances, Pension and General Financial Administration.
(xiv) Codification of financial rules and regulations.
(xv) Framing of financial rules, F.R. and S.R. etc.
(xvi) Small Savings Scheme.
(xvii) Matters relating to Finance Commission, State borrowings, negotiated loans and External funding.
(xviii) Matters relating to Public Accounts Committee.
(xix) Government Companies, Corporations loans, Guarantee etc.
(xx) Policy matters/rules relating to pension.
(xxi) Ways and Means.
(xxii) Annual receipts and disbursements for the purpose of State Government.
(xxiii) Scrutiny of state legislation having financial implication.
(xxiv) Pay Commission.
(xxv) Assessment of Plan Resources.
(xxvi) All matters relating to Audit Reports.
(xxvii) All matters relating to Arunachal Pradesh State Lotteries.
(xxviii) Matters relating to capital restructuring proposals of State Public Sector undertakings.
(xxix) Assessing potential revenues.
Accounts and Treasury
(i) All matters relating to Accounts service.
(ii) Matters relating to General Provident Fund.
(iii) Finalisation and issue of Pension family pension, retiring gratuity, death gratuity, commutation etc.
(iv) Authorisation of benefit under GIS.
(v) maintenance of loans advances, accounts and matters related thereof.
(vi) Internal audit of all Govt. Departments.
(vii) matters relating to Treasury Administration.
(viii) Checking of fixation of pay on revision of pay scale.
(ix) Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Rules make thereunder.
(x) Indian Registration Act, 1908.
(xi) Procurement of non-judicial Stamp and distribution thereof
** Excise, Taxation, Stamps and Registration. Omitted along with entries

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(i) Development of Fish Culture
(ii) Fish and Seeds Production.
(iii) Fisheries extension Scheme.
(iv) Fisheries Survey, Research and Statistics.
(v) Marketing of Fishery produce.
(vi) Transfer of technology to Fish Culturists.
(vii) Loans to Fish Farmers.
(viii) Conservation and management of natural fishery resources under the control of the Department.
(ix) Transfer of Fish farms/ponds created as fishery co-operative Societies controlled by the Co-operative Department for better management and sustainability.
(x) Transfer of Fishery rights in the USF and other areas controlled by other Department like General Administration/Forest Department and thereby Revision of existing norms in the deposit of revenue and also for horizontal expansion of fishery activities in such areas.
(xi) Enactment of Fishery legislation.
(xii) Creation of Fishery ponds in the educational Institution and other recognized/registered Societies extending of technical assistance.

(i) All matters relating to Mines and Minerals.
(ii) Development and utilisation of Mines and Minerals.
(iii) Grant of Licences or lease for exploitation of Mining/Mineral Resources, in consultation with Finance Department.
(iv) Grant of Concession ; assessment and collection of royalty ; fee; and minerals etc.
(v) Grant of Certificate of approval for mining/survey of Mining etc. 
(vi) All matters relating to Geological Survey to be made by the State or by the Geological Survey of India.
(vii) All matters pertaining to Arunachal Pradesh MDTC.
(viii) Administration of relevant Acts and Rules.

(i) Medical and Public Health Administration.
(ii) Setting up of Hospitals, Dispensaries and health Centres and their administration.
(iii) Medical Training.
(iv) Para Medical Training.
(v) All matter relating to Health Services.
(vi) Drugs control Act and Rules thereunder, Prevention of food Adulteration Act, 1954.
(vii) Medical Attendance rules.
(viii) Control of Epidemics including leprosy, T.B, Malaria, Aids, Goitre, Blindness, Small Pox and such other diseases.
(ix) Implementation of all Health Service Schemes.
(x) Family Welfare, maternity and child welfare.
(xi) Assistance from UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, World Bank and other International Agencies for Medical and Public Health Programme.
(xii) Selection of candidates for MBBS/MDS/BSC/BDS/GNM/B Pharm/BHNS Training/ANM Training including in service training.
(xii) Immunisation.

(i) Police Administration.
(ii) Preventive Detention/TADA.
(iii) Internal Security and Security of VIPs. 
(iv) Coordination with Army, CRPF, IAF, Assam Rifles etc.
(v) Issue of Arms Licence.
(vi) Inter-State Boundary.
(vii) SSB and Home Guards.
(viii) Jail/Prison Administration.
(ix) International Boundary.
(x) Civil and Military Liaison.
(xi) Law and Order matters in general.
(xii) Indian Police Service and State Police Service.
(xiii) Local Intelligence and Secret Service Fund.
(xiv) Matters relating to the illegal activities of underground organisation.
(xv) All matters relating to Chakma/Hajongs/Bhutanees/Tibetan refugees Settlement/deportation.
(xvi) Field firing range and Notification thereof.
(xvii) Issue of Government of India’s instruction regarding Flag Code of India.
(xviii) Matters relating to Inter-State Council.
(xix) Prosecution.
(xx) Centre State relations.
(xxi) Violation of Human rights.
(xxii) Administration of major criminal Act and Rules framed thereunder.
(xxiii) Matters relating to Restricted Area Permit for foreign tourists.

(i) Horticulture Development and extension.
(ii) Fruit crops development.
(iii) Fruit preservation, cold storage, warehouse etc.
(iv) Horticulture Loan.
(v) Horticulture and ornamental gardens.
(vi) Spices development.
(vii) Mushroom development.
(viii) Floriculture and orchid cultivation
(ix) Aromatic and medicinal plants.
(x) Plasticulture in Horticulture/Green/Poly Houses Mulching and Drip Irrigation.
(xi) Horticultural education/training including College of Horticulture and Forestry.
(xii) Horticulture Farm/Nurseries.
(xiii) Plantation crops.
(xiv) Shifting Cultivation.
(xv) (Omitted)
(xvi) Horticulture extension holding Farmers Training Centres in Horticulture.
(xvii) Externally funded Horticulture programmes and projects.
(xviii) Tissue Culture.
* Omitted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98 dated 14-6-2001.

(i) Major/Medium scale Industries.
(ii) Promotion of Small Scale Industries.
(iii) Industrial Estates/Growth Centres/District Industries Centre.
(iv) Marketing Exhibition and Trade Fair matters relating to. 
(v) Grant of Industrial and Financial assistance.
(vi) All matters pertaining to APIDFC and its subsidiaries.
(vii) Tea and Coffee processing Industries.
(viii) Matter relating to Factories/Boilers etc.
(ix) Industrial Training Programme.
(x) Apprenticeship Training Programme.
(xi) Matter relating to P.M Rozgar Yojana.
(xii) Matter relating to industries under 20 point programme on IDP.
(xiii) Matter relating to industrial investment subsidy/transport subsidy
(xiv) Foreign investment wing.
(xv) Formulation of industrial policy.
(xvi) Technology up-gradation, including setting up of common facility centres.

(i) All matter relating to general publicity, policy and programme of the State Government.
(ii) Film projection/field publicity.
(iii) Publication of documentary films and photo service.
(iv) Publication of Arunachal review periodical and other all publicity materials etc.
(v) Exhibitions.
(vi) Songs and Drama programme.
(vii) Press Relations and Feed back services.
(viii) Issue of Government advertisement and implementation of State advertising policy guidelines.
(ix) Maintenance of community listening sets and community viewing (TV) sets.
(x) Opening of information centres.
(xi) Media liaison with Air/Doordharshan and other publicity agencies.
(xii) All matters relating to printing including management of the Government press.
(xii) Publication of the State Gazette.

(i) Nodal department for Water Resources Management. Survey and Investigation of Major water resources in the State and Planning for its utilisation.
(ii) Construction operation and Maintenance of Major, Medium and Minor irrigation works.
(iii) Flood Control and construction of flood protection works and maintenance thereof including Training of rivers.
(iv) Command Area Development and related works
(v) Land protection for agricultural purpose.
(vi) Watershed Management.
(vii) Construction of development buildings/approach roads to irrigation and flood control department’s complexes.
(viii) Plasticulture in Irrigation.
(ix) Establishment participatory organisations in Irrigation Management with particular reference to Command Area Development.
(x) Exploitation of ground water irrigation. Acquisition and deployment of pumpsets, drilling machines, rigs for irrigation purposes.
(xi) Pricing of irrigation water, Evaluation of mechanism for self managed Command areas.

A. Labour
(i) Enforcement of labour laws (about 30 Acts applicable to Arunachal Pradesh).
(ii) Fixation/revision of minimum wages payable to various categories of workers in scheduled employment under minimum wages Act 1948.
(iii) Implementation of National Programme on child labour.
(iv) Management of industrial disputes.
(v) Certification of standing orders under the industrial employment (S.O) Act, 1948.
(vi) Workers participation in management.
(vii) Workers Education programme.
(viii) Statutory and non-statutory welfare scheme for industrial commercial and agricultural workers.
(ix) Employees State Insurance Scheme.
(x) Implementation of the wages boards recommendations for working and non-working journalists.
(xi) State child and women labour cell.
(xii) Matters relating to ILC/SLC/labour Minister’s conference/Regional labour ministries conference.
(xiii) I.L.O conventions/ratification, meeting etc.
(xiv) All matters relating to agricultural labour.
(xv) Labour statistics.
(xvi) All matter relating to Trade Unions.
(xvii) Annual/half yearly/quarterly/monthly labour reports/returns.
(xviii) Legislation on shops and commercial establishments.
(xix) Registration of establishments and licencing of contractors under CL (R & A) Act and ISMW Act.
(xx) Matter relating to workmen’s compensation under workers group insurance.
(xxi) National Commission for women.
(xxii) National Commission on rural Labour.
(xxiii) Eradication of Slavery and child labour.
(xxiv) Supreme Court and other Court cases in respect of labour.
B. Employment
(i) Employment Exchange.
(ii) Employment market information programme.
(iii) Enforcement of EE (CNV) Act, 1959.
(iv) Manpower studies and surveys.
(v) Vocational guidance and employment Counseling.
(vi) Registration, Sponsoring and placement of job seekers.
(vii) Employment statistics-Bi-annual/Annual/Half yearly/quarterly and monthly reports/return.

(i) Processing of land allotment case in respect of Government Department
(ii) Private parties obtaining Government approval to land allocation in the district towns.
(iii) All matters relating to land records and settlement of land.
(iv) Policy decision on fixing rates of premium /lease/rent and land value of Government land.
(v) Processing cases for exemption of lease rent etc.
(vi) Processing of land acquisition cases for defence, BRTF, IOC, AIR etc.
(vi) Submission of reports to government regarding collection of revenue.
(viii) Issue of notification for land acquisition cases and their publishing in Gazettee and newspapers.
(ix) Guidance to district authorities for acquisition cases.
(x) Correspondence with defence estate officers, Army Authorities and other organisations regarding their land cases.
(xi) Survey of land and preparation of maps etc. of Government land throughout Arunachal Pradesh.
(xii) Finalisation of Arunachal Pradesh (Land Settlement and Land Reforms) Bills for its enactment.
(xiii) To initiate work for traverse and cadastral survey after the enactment with a view to preparation of land records.
(xiv) Strengthening Revenue Administration and updating of Land Records.
(xv) Issue of land possession certificate and procedure thereof.

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A. Justice
(i) Administration of justice, including vesting of judicial powers on officers of the Government.
(ii) matters relating to the establishment of separate High Court/Permanent/Circuit Bench of High Court for Arunachal Pradesh and to coordinate with High Court at Guwahati.
(iii) Supervision of government litigation before all courts including the Administrative Tribunals (Central and State/s).
(iv) Proposal for filling suits and appeals on behalf of the Government, vetting of written statements/affidavits and counter Affidavits and such other related documents.
(v) Matters relating to appointment of Advocate General, Senior and Junior Government Advocates, Panel Advocates, Public Prosecutor in the Guwahati High Court and engagement of Senior Advocates and preparation Panel Advocates for Supreme Court for the State of Arunachal Pradesh.
(vi) Preparation of panel of lawyers for conducting cases before all the Courts within the State other than High Court.
(vii) Processing and payment of bills of Government counsels, coordinate with Secretary (General Administration).
(viii) Approval for engagement of lawyers, other than Government, counsels by Departments.
(ix) Centrally sponsored schemes for upgradation of judiciary in Arunachal Pradesh.
(x) All such other matters relating to the judicial administration-pendency/disposal of cases before various courts in Arunachal Pradesh and all matters Incidental thereto.
B. Law
(i) Advice on legal matters and interpretation of laws.
(ii) Action in respect of codification of laws including customary laws and reference to Law Research Cell, Guwahati.
(iii) Arunachal Pradesh Code-Preparation/printing.
(iv) Law Library.
(v) Matters relating to Arunachal Pradesh Legal Service and Law department Manual.
(vi) All other incidental matters relating to law including examination of Law Commission’s Reports.
(vii) Matters relating to legal aid under section 304 of the Criminal Code.
C. Legislative
(i) Vetting of Bills, statutory Rules/Orders/Legal documents/Regulations/Notifications etc.
(ii) Assent to Bills passed by the Assembly and reservation of Bills for the consideration of the President.
(iii) Republication of Central Acts and Bills.
(iv) Drafting of all official bills and ordinances etc. introduction before the Assembly and such other follow up actions.
(v) All other incidental Legislative matters.

(i) All matters relating to Legislative Assembly regarding summoning/prorogation of Session and other related matters.
(ii) All matters relating to parliamentary practices, and procedures.
(iii) Youth Parliament Schemes etc.

A. Personnel
(i) Personnel Policies.
(ii) State Civil list.
(iii) All matters relating to recruitment, promotions, service conditions, service rules and regulations, transfer and posting, pension cases and all service matter relating.
(a) I.A.S
(b) I.F.A.S
(c) Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service.
(d) Ex-cadre Gazetted posts.
(e) Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat Services.
(f) Training and career development of officers of all India Services.
(vi) Recruitment to APCS/APSS and related matters, promotion of APCS to IAS, Transfer and posting of above officers and their pension cases; appointment ; under Secretaries of APSS.
(v) Periodical cadre review -IAS and APCS officers etc., fixation of seniority, Court proceedings.
(vi) Matters relating to service Associations, re-organization etc.
(vii) Reference from other departments on establishment matter.
B. Administrative Reforms
(i) All policy matters relating to recruitment, promotions, service conditions, prescription of educational qualifications etc.
(ii) Preparation/Revision of office Manuals.
(iii) Devising new methods and procedures for improvement in the standard of administration.
(iv) Studies in specific aspects of administration.
(v) Work studies for assessing requirement of staff in various department.
(vi) Quality control in offices.
(vii) Clearance of proposals for creation of posts.
(viii) Re-organization of departments/office.
(ix) Checks on delays.
(x) Chief Secretaries conferences.
(xi) Secretaries meetings.
(xii) Matters relating to office Inspection.
(xiii) Clearance of RRS/Service Rules of all Departments and issue of general instructions on the subject.
(xiv) Collection and scrutiny of Monthly arrear statements.
(xv) All matters relating to Public Service Commission.
(xvi) Matters relating to reservation in service inspect of SC/ST. 
(xvii) Matters relating to public grievances.
C. Training
(i) All matters relating to Administrative Training Institute.
(ii) Matters relating to inspecting of Training for ministerial staff and officers to middle level on office procedure and rules.
(iii) Judicial Training at NEJOTI.
(iv) Induction/Foundation and others Training Programme for APCS Officers.
(v) Issue-based Training Programme for various categories of Officers.
(vi) Deputation of Officers to various Training Centres including abroad.
(vii) Training Co-ordination.
* * General Administration and Secretariat Administration.} Omitted

(i) Visits of the VIP/VVIP.
(ii) State Guests (Rules and Orders).
(iii) Table of precedence of the State Government.
(iv) Reservation of Rooms in the State Guest House.
(v) Maintenance and Upkeep of the State Guest House.
(vi) Preparation of Protocol Manuals.

A. Planning
(i) formulation of Planning objective and priorities.
(ii) Preparation of Five Year Plans, Annual Plans and other Development Plans like NEC etc.
(iii) Mid Term appraisal of Five Year Plans/ Annual Plans.
(iv) Intra/Inter sectoral adjustment of outlay.
(v) Plan Coordination.
(vi) Micro level Planning/Untied Fund.
(vii) Servicing of State Development Council/State Planning Board.
(viii) Matters relating to MPLADS.
b. Porgramme Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
*(i) Monitoring/Review of Implementation of State Plan Scheme, NEC Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes including the Border Area Development Programme.
(ii) Monitoring of Twenty Point programme/Basic Minimum Services.
(iii) Evaluation studies/Field visits.
c. Economics and Statistics
(i) All matters relating to Economics and Statistics.
(ii) Collection, compilation and dissemination of core statistical information in the shape of returns and annual publication both State and District level like “Statistical abstract of Arunachal Pradesh and district Statistical Hand Book” “Socio Economic Review and district Socio Economic Review” etc.
* Substituted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA(A)- 40/98 dated 14-6-2001
(iii) Collection of both Primary and Secondary data and conduct of ad-hoc surveys and type studies for estimation of state and district Domestic product (income) and release of Annual Report.
(iv) Estimation of Capital Formation/Consumption and release thereof.
(v) Analysis of state Budget for annual Publication like “Budget in Brief” and purpose classification of Budget.
(vi) Implementation of Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969 for issue of Birth/Death Certificates, Chief Registrar birth and death and publication of Annual Reports.
(vii) Construction of Consumer Price Index of the State and release of Periodical price Bulletins.
(viii) Collection and compilation of data for annual Projection of demand and availability of various categories of Manpower in the State and annual Publication of reports thereof besides annual Census of Government employees.
(ix) Conduct of Annual survey of Industries in Arunachal Pradesh for construction of Index for Industrial Production (IIP) and Publication of reports thereof.
(x) Collection and compilation of block level statistics and publication thereof.
(xi) To provide training facilities for lower level Statistical Personal of Different Departments of State Government and arrange for higher Institutional Training outside the State for statistical professionals.
(xii) Conduct of National Sample Survey both Central and State Samples and Tabulation/Publication of Reports for State Samples.
(xiii) Quinqunnial conduct of central scheme of “Economic Census” in the state.
(xiv) Nodal Agency on behalf of the State government in conduct of decennial population Census in the State and publication of Reports thereof.
(xv) And such other matters not specified above.

A. Political
(i) foreigners.
(ii) Passport.
(iii) Citizenship.
(iv) Honours and Awards.
(v) Missionary Activities.
(vi) Official Language.
(vii) Matters relating to Innerlines Regulations.
(viii) Custody and maintenance of property returns, ACRs and Confidential dossiers of Gazetted officers.
(ix) Matters relating to Enquiry Commission.
(x) Pension cases of Freedom fighters.
(xi) State Awards/Gallantry Awards.
(xii) State Integration Council.
b. Cabinet Affairs
(i) Assumption of office by the Governor.
(ii) Appointment and resignation of Ministers.
(iii) Secretarial assistance to the Cabinet and Cabinet Committees.
(iv) Rules of Business.
(v) Issue of standing orders of Chief Minister/Ministers.
c. Vigilance
(i) State Vigilance Commission.
(ii) Supervision of the work of Vigilance Officers.
(iii) All matters relating to disciplinary cases against IAS/IPS/IFS and all categories of officers and staff of Government of Arunachal Pradesh.
(iv) General advice to all departments in processing of departmental enquiries.
(v) Appeal in respect of vigilance cases to be heard by the Chief Secretary and the Governor.
(vi) Enquiry relating to complaints of corruption against Government servants received by the Government.
(vii) Vigilance clearance in respect of Gazetted Officers/staff due for promotion, confirmation and crossing of efficiency bar, sanction of pension and extension of service re-employment etc. of gazetted Government. employees
(viii) Collection/receiving information about corruption of Government employees.
(ix) Causing investigation either by staff of vigilance or through the departments on the basis of the merit of the information.
(x) Entrusting cases of allegation about corruption to the CBI through the department of P & AR.
(xi) Maintaining liaison between the CBI and Administrative departments.
(xii) Preparation of returns for submission to MHA as and when called for.
(xiii) Vigilance campaign.
(xiv) Omitted.

A. Power
(i) Administration and Enforcement of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910
(9 of 1910) and the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 (54 of 1948).
(ii) Development, construction and all matters relating to all hydro-electric and gas based power projects.
(iii) Generation, transmission, distribution and sale and licensing of electrical energy including levy of electricity duty or cess, in consultation with the Power Regulatory Commissions.
(iv) All matters pertaining to rural electrification of villages.
(v) State Electricity board (s).
(vi) All matters relating to power Engineering services and Civil Engineering Services related to the Department.
(vii) Construction and maintenance of office/residential buildings of the Department.
(viii) Electrification and maintenance of internal electrical installations in all residential/non-residential buildings constructed by the Public Works Department.

* Omitted by the 8th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No.GA(A)-40/98 dated 31-7-2000.
b. Non-Conventional Energy Resources.
(i) propogation of new and renewable sources of Energy technologies and devices. These includes :-
(a) Biomass, Improved chullas, solar Phiotovoltaic, solar Thermal Energy Applications, and Wind Energy.
(b) Power from various biomass sources and solar photovoltaics.
(ii) All programmes related to non-conventional and renewable sources of energy including energy from urban and industrial wastes and animal power.
(iii) Research projects for the development and commercialisation of new and emerging renewable energy, alternate fuels for surface transportation etc.
(iv) Integrated Rural Energy Programmes (IPREP).
(v) All the matters pertaining to Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA).
(vi) Stand alone micro hydro project upto 100 KW capacity.
(vii) Construction of Micro Hydel Project upto 100KW Capacity.

(i) Rural Sanitation Programme.
(ii) Rural Water Supply (MNP, ARWSP).
(iii) Community Ground Water Resources for Rural water Supply.
(iv) Water Filtration and Treatment.
(v) Planning and execution of Sewerage system including treatment Plants in Urban areas.
(vi) Construction and maintenance of departmental buildings.
(vii) Urban Water Supply Systems, including laging and maintenance of distribution lines, Storage Tanks.
(viii) Evaluation of participatory mechanism in maintaining Rural Water Supply Systems.
(ix) Organizing workshop, campaigns on use of safe drinking water including supply of disinfectants in rural areas.

(i) Construction and maintenance of Roads and Bridges (except rural roads, bridges as there and porter tracks).
(ii) Construction and maintenance of Government buildings (institutional/office and residential) in the State Capital Complex and other Admn. HQ, except that of Power, PHE, PWD, IFC office residential buildings.
(iii) Construction and maintenance in the Raj Bhawan.
(iv) Management under PWD Codes and Rules.
(v) Deposit works for construction of other Government Departments/public autonomous bodies/non-governmental Organisations.
(vi) Rules for the occupation of IBs located in various places in Arunachal Pradesh provided these were constructed by Public Works Department.
(vii) Construction and maintenance of Helipads.
(viii) Construction and maintenance of Circuit Houses and I. Bs, maintenance and administration of Arunachal Bhavan in New Delhi.

(i) Rehabilitation Schemes for Ex-serviceman.
(ii) General Welfare of Ex-serviceman and their departments.
(iii) All matters relating to relief measures for natural calamity.
(iv) Submission of memorandum to Government of India for financial assistance for restoration of damages and to render relief measures to the victims of natural calamities and calamities of rare severity.
(v) Sub-allocation of fund under CRF to the districts for rendering relief measures.
(vi) Collection of reports and returns from districts on damages caused by natural calamities and for disbursement of relief amount.
(vii) Maintenance of CRF and NFCR and submission of accounts to Government of India.
(viii) Holding of periodical meeting of steering Committee and State Level Relief Committee.
(ix) Fixation and revision of norms from time to time for items charitable to CRF.
(x) Operation of Control Room during the period of natural calamity.
(xi) Issue of instructions and guide-lines to district Administration for rendering relief to victims of natural calamity.
* Substituted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA(A)- 40/98 dated 14-6-2001.
(xii) Holding of periodical meetings of State Managing Committee for Administration of Special Fund for Re-construction and Rehabilitation of Ex-serviceman.
(xiii) Maintenance of Special fund and Flag Day Fund.
(xiv) Sponsoring of Officers for undergoing short-course training on management of disaster like flood/earthquake and drought etc. organized in different institutions inside the country and abroad.

A. Rural Development
(i) Community Development Programme including Model Village Scheme.
(ii) Integrated Rural Development Programmes (IPDP).
(iii) Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment including assistance to Rural Artisans under the scheme of Improved Tool-Kits to Rural Artisans (TRYSEM).
(iv) Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas - all associated activities for economic upliftment of rural women and promotion of supportive social services (DWCRA).
(v) Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology - all associated matters (CAPART).
(vi) All matters relating to Rural Development Blocks including organization and involvement of the NGOs and traditional democratic institutions in development.
(vii) Jawahar Rozgar Yojna with all its components (JRY).
(viii) Employment Assurance Scheme including Watershed Development Projects (EAS).
(ix) Indira Awas Yojna.
(x) Million Wells Scheme.
(xi) Matters relating to training of Rural Development personnel at NIRD, Hyderabad and Guwahati and other training institutions.
(xii) Matters relating to State Institute of Rural Development.
(xiii) Community Based Convergent Services - Integration of the programmes of various departments at the Block level or through Area Approach.
(xiv) Central Scheme on Wastelands Development in non-forest areas through DRDAs and NGOs.
(xv) Ganga Kalyan Yojna.
(xvi) Any other Block level scheme(s) for economic and social development of the people as may be introduced from time to time by the Government of India in the Ministry of Rural Development or by the State Government.
b. Panchayat Raj
(i) Drafting of Bill and its enactment based on the constitutional provisions as well as amended provision, if any, made from time to time by the Government of India concerning the Panchayati Raj bodies.
(ii) Drafting and finalising of various Rules viz, preparation of Voters list, conduct of election, delimitation of Panchyati Raj Constituencies and amendment thereof, if any, required from time to time.
(iii) All matters relating to establishment, control, supervision and Constitution of State Election Commission, Finance Commission for Panchayati Raj.
(iv) Grants-in-aid to Panchayati Raj Institutions as per recommendation of the Finance Commission.
(v) All action for conduct of election of Panchayati Raj bodies.
(vi) Audit of Panchayati Raj Institution/Fund through the local audit as well as by the AG audit.
(vii) Inspection of Panchayati Raj Institutions.
(viii) Delimitation of boundaries of Zilla Parishad, Anchal Samitees and on Panchayats.
(ix) Implementation of Rural Development Schemes through the Panchayati Raj Bodies.

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A. Rural Link Road 
(i) Construction of rural (village) link roads including formation cutting, WBM black topping etc.
(ii) Construction of porter/mule track, C.C. pavements and C.C. steps in rural areas etc.
(iii) Construction of suspension bridges, RCC bridges, culvert, timber bridges, C.C. drains etc.
(iv) Acquisition, use and maintenance of T and P’s and machineries like bulldozer, road roller, excavator etc.
(v) Maintenance of all above mentioned works.
b. Soil and Water Conservation 
(i) All sorts of land development activities.
(ii) All sorts of land protection activities for protecting agricultural and village lands by adopting suitable engineering measures and other vegetative measures, in the hill slopes as well as in plain areas.
(iii) Plantation works along the RLRs and regeneration of forests in construction areas of the department.
(iv) Acquisition and deployment on subsidised hiring rate of power driven machineries, like tractor, dozers, power tillers, pumping sets etc., for agricultural and allied purposes, and for departmental use when idle.
(v) All sorts of soil survey works and testing of soil and waters sample etc. preparation and publication of demographic datas and infirmation.
(vi) Training programme for field level departmental functionaries as well as farmers/villagers.
(vii) Various types of activities under State Land Use Board.
(viii) Maintenance of all assets of above mentioned works.
c. Rural Housing 
(i) Providing construction assistance to economically weaker section of S/T people of the state by way of distribution of C.G.I sheets for covering a portion of the roof free of cost.
(ii) Construction and maintenance of staging huts.
d. Building 
(i) Construction of residential and non-residential buildings for own department.
(ii) Construction of residential and non-residential buildings of other sister department including district establishment.
(iii) Maintenance of building.
e. Other Activities 
(i) Deposit work.
(ii) Untied Fund.
(iii) MPLAD Fund.
(iv) NE fund.
(v) Voluntary organisation.
(vi) Any other fund from any resources.
(vii) Any other specialised works of district administration of other departments in rural areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

(i) Integrated Child Development Services Schemes (ICDS).
(ii) Special Nutrition programme (SNP).
(iii) Mahila Samridhi Yojana (MSY).
(iv) National Adolescent Girl Schemes.
(v) Social Security Measures.
(vi) State Social Welfare Advisory Board.
(vii) Social Education.
(viii) Social Welfare Policy.
(ix) Assistance to Voluntary Welfare Organisations.
(x) Juvenile delinquency and their care programme.
(xi) Welfare of Old and Infirm persons/grants of old age pension.
(xii) Welfare and Rehabilitation of mentally retarded children.
(xiii) Child welfare/Women welfare.
(xiv) Welfare and rehabilitation of physically handicapped, blind and deaf and dump children.
(xv) All matters relating to Social Welfare Board.
(xvi) Schemes relating to Tribal development.
(xvii) Welfare of SC/ST and Minorities.
(xviii) National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP).
(xix) Indira Mahila Yojana (IMY).
(xx) Creche programme.
(xxi) Establishment land running of the Homes for Handicapped.
(xxii) Minority Commission.
(xxiii) Matter relating to Minorities.
(xxiv) Construction of Women and Child Development Training Centre at Itanagar.
(xxv) Maintenance of Mahila Mandal in ICDS cover project.
(xxvi) Short Stay Home.
(xxvii) Freedom fighters.

(i) All matters related to information Technology Development in the State.
(ii) All matters related to Scientific and Technical Development in the State.
(iii) All matters pertaining to State Council for Science and Technology.
(iv) All matters pertaining to State Remote Sensing Application Centre.
(v) State Land use Board.

(i) Cottage Industries.
(ii) Khadi and Village industries.
(iii) Handlooms and Handicrafts.
(iv) Matter relating to craft centres and emporiums.
(v) Matter relating to sericulture development including scheme/projects sponsored under this sector by NEC central silk board.
(vi) Marketing, Exhibition and craft mela.
(vii) All matter relating to formation of handloom and handicrafts development corporation/board.
(viii) All matter relating to Research and Design Centre, Doimukh.
(ix) All matter relating to Registration of handloom and handicrafts Co-operative Societies in Arunachal Pradesh.
(x) All matter relating to implementation of handloom development centre/quality dyeing units and other central sponsored scheme under Development Commissioner (Handloom) and Development Commissioner (Handicraft), Government of India.
(xi) All matters relating to Rural Industries Centre.

(i) All matters relating to development of Tourism.
(ii) Professional Training like hotel management courses, Tourism and travel management professional training courses inside outside.
(iii) Development of tourism infrastructural facilities like Tourist Lodges, Tourist Huts, Cafetria, Motels, Inns, Dhavas, View points, Hawa ghars lakes, ropeways etc.
(iv) Facilitation to investment in tourism sector.
(v) Development of adventure tourism such as trekking, river rafting, para sailing, balooning, angling and wildlife tourism.

(i) Issue of Trading Licence.
(ii) Facilitation to border trade and foreign trade.
(iii) Development and expansion of export production particularly of plantation crops, orchids and flowers, handloom and handicraft.
(iv) Creation of infrastructure for export commodities including export processing zones.
(v) Omitted.

(i) Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Arunachal Pradesh rules 1991 (regulations).
(ii) Matter pertaining to Directorate of Transport.
(iii) Matter pertaining to State Transport.
(iv) Maintenance and procurement of transport vehicles of Secretariat pool.
(v) Matter relating to Motor Vehicle workshop.
(vi) Allotment of Cars and Scooters.
(vii) Matter relating to condemnation of Vehicles.
(viii) Matters relating to Regional Transport Authority.
(ix) Permit and fixation of fares.
(x) Matters relating to State Transport Authority.
(xi) Matter relating to licences/taxation of vehicles.
(xii) Matter relating to purchase, replacement maintenance repairs and POL expenditure of vehicles in respect of Council of Ministries and Secretariat Administration.
(xiii) Matter relating to purchase and replacement of vehicles in respect of District Administration.
* Omitted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98dated 14-6-2001.
(xiv) All matter relating to Inland Water Transport.
(xv) Booking and Reservation of Railway tickets and construction of Railway lines and correspondence thereof.
(xvi) Curier services and communication flights.
(xvii) Carriage of passengers and goods by air in the state. 
(xviii) Policy on setting up of helipads, airports, air landing grouds etc.
(xix) Agricultural aviation.

(i) Matter relating to selection of sites for various government offices/institution within the town.
(ii) Matter relating to Town and Country Planning.
(iii) Schemes and activities related to Urban Basic Services for poor (U.B.S.P).
(iv) Scheme of Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY).
(a) Urban Micro Enterprise and Training.
(b) Urban Wage Employment.
(c) Urban Housing and Shelter Upgradation.
(v) Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Eracation Programme (PMIUPEP).
(vi) Schemes and activities related to Urban Development for estimating/execution etc.
(vii) Integrated small town development schemes.
(viii) Housing Shelter for low income groups.
(ix) Matters relating to administration of municipal laws and by-laws.
(x) Urban Sanitation.
(xi) Matter relating to information and elections of Municipal Boards, Municipal Committee, Town Area committee and other forms of municipalities for town and urban areas.
(xii) Dissolution and supersession of Municipal Committee and Boards and appointment of Administrators/Executive committees/Boards.
(xiv) Matter to Municipal Acts and Rules.
(xv) Matter relating to 74th Constitutional Amendment Act.
(xvi) Matters relating to financial resources of the Municipalities and Town Area Committee/Boards.
(xvii) Matters relating to interpretation of Municipal Acts and rules. Supervision and Administration with regard to enforcement of such Acts and Rules and all Municipal functions/duties.
(xviii) Control and maintenance of public streets, municipal roads.
(xix) Lighting and watering on public streets.
(xx) Clearing of public streets, places, sewers.
(xxi) Regulation of offensive, dangerous and obnoxious trades calling or practices.
(xxii) Removing obstructions and projections in public streets, bridges and other public places.
(xxiii) Naming of streets and sectors.
(xxiv) Planting and maintenance of road-side and other trees.
(xxv) All matter relating to public health and sanitation under Municipal administration.
(xxvi) Augmentation of financial resources of Municipal Boards and Town Committees.
(xxvii) District Urban Development Agencies and State Urban Development authority.
(xxviii) Allotment and management of government estates in the capital town.

(i) Financial provision for implementation of youth parliament schemes.
(ii) Nehru Yuvak Kendras and Bal Kendras.
(iii) Construction of Playgrounds/sports complex.
(iv) State Sports Council.
(v) District Sports Association and other sports Associations.
(vi) Rural Sports.
(vii) Expedition/adventure programme for youth.
(viii) Sports schools.
(ix) Participation of State team/individual in regional/national/international sports, games and youth activities programmes.
(x) All scheme of sports and youth activities not covered by Department of Education.
(xi) Establishment matters relating to Physical Training Instructors and Coaches.
* Added by the 6th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 25/98 dated 19-2-2000.
(xii) All matters relating to school sports except NSS, N.C.C., A.C.C. and scouts/Guides.
(xiii) Matters relating to All India Civil Services Tournament.

(i) Budget in respect of Grant No. 3-Council of Ministers.
(ii) Discretionary Grants of Council of Ministers.
(iii) Payment of Entertainment, Hospitality Expenses, Telephone, Telegram, Electricity and Water Charges, Newspapers Bills etc. in respect of Council of Ministers.
(iv) Payment of Excess Air baggage bills in respect of Council of Ministers.
(v) Correspondence regarding enhancement of Salaries and allowances of the Council of Ministers.
(vi) Payment of bills in connection with presentation to VIP/VVIP out of Council of Ministers fund.
(vii) Tour abroad of Chief Ministers and Ministers.
(viii) Matters relating to Post and Telegraphs department and Telecommunications.
(ix) Matters relating to installation of Telephones in respect of Secretariat officers as well as Council of Ministers.
(x) Payment of bills on Telephone, Telegram, Electric charges, W.T., News- paper, News Scan of the officers and Officers of the Secretariat.
(xi) Budget in respect of Grant No. 10 - Other general Social, Community Services.
(xii) All correspondences relating to the Secretariat Building at Shillong.
(xiii) Matters relating to Celebration of Republic Day, Independence Day, Statehood Day and other National important Days and issue of instructions thereof.
(xiv) Annual Administration Report.
(xv) Rules of Executive business.
(xvi) Allocation of Business rules and Creation of New Department.
(xvii) Miscellaneous matters which are not allotted to any other department.
(xviii) Establishment matters of Resident Commissioner, New Delhi.
* Added by the 6th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No. GA (A)-25/98 dated 19-2-2000.
** Included by the 2nd Amendment Rules, 1999 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98 dated 21-6-1999.

(i) All service matters relating to Secretariat Ministerial staff, Stenographers and other categories of non-gazetted posts.
(ii) Establishment matters Group ‘B’ posts of the Secretariat.
(iii) Establishment matters of Group ‘D’ staff of the Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat.
(iv) Custody and maintenance of confidential dossiers of Non-Gazetted official of Secretariat.
(v) Pension cases of all staff dealt with SAD.
(vi) Departmental Enquiries/DPCs.
(vii) Maintenance of old records.
(viii) Identity cards.
(ix) Central Issue/Pouch/Courier arrangements.
(i) Office Accommodation for Secretariat Departments.
(ii) Maintenance of Secretariat building and premises.
(iii) All matters relating to procurement of Stationary, office equipments for Secretariat.
(iv) Arrangements for holding Conference in the Secretariat.
(v) All matters relating to Secretariat staff Canteen.
(i) Preparation of pay and Allowances and other bills in respect of officers and staff of the Secretariat including Ministers.
(ii) Disbursement of Pay and Allowances etc.
(iii) Maintenance of all records connected with bills, cash-books etc.
(iv) Preparation of Budget in respect of Secretariat.
(v) Reconciliation of Accounts in respect of SAD.
(vi) Maintenance of GPF account of Group ‘D’ staff and pass book etc. for other categories.
(vii) Service postage stamps.
(viii) Audit objections.
(ix) Control of Expenditure.
(x) Matters relating to P.A.C. pertaining to Secretariat establishment.
(xi) Matters relating to Insurance Schemes/Salary Savings Schemes etc.
* Added by the 2nd Amendment Rules, 1999 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98 dated 21-6-1999.

(i) Arunachal Pradesh Excise Act, 1993 and Rules made thereunder.
(ii) All matters relating to taxation.
(iii) The societies Registration (Extension to Arunachal Pradesh) Act, 1978.
(v) Omitted

* Added by the 3rd Amendment Rules, 1999 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98 dated 12-10-1999.
** Omitted by the Tenth Amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 25/98 dated 15-12-2000.

S.K. Agnihotri,
Chief Secretary to the
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,



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