Functions & Duties

The office of Directorate of Information, Public Relations and Printings make wide publicity of the plans and programmes of the state government and also highlight the progress achieved in the implementation of these plan and programme. It has been the catalyst agent in regards to decimating the official news such as press releases, messages, news with close focusing on day to day happenings, developments taking place, policies and programmes of the Government. Besides these press coverage of VIP’s visit, important day observations in the district is given wide publicity through out the state by this office. The whole work of the office is carried out under two headings and they are:



Under this head we are required to formulate suitable publicity plan and programme from time to time in close consultation with the district administration and in collaboration with the concerned department for organizing publicity campaign on various socio-economic development issue such as health and hygiene, poverty alleviation, social welfare, communal harmony etc. We have been maintaining a close liaison for this purpose with various departments, socio-cultural organization, media units like AIR, Doordarshan, Field Publicity etc. under the control of I&B and also with Army, SSB, BRTF etc. in the district.
As a liaison office for the Doordarshan, we have been carrying out all the local corresponding pertaining to Very Low Power Transmitters (VLPT) located in the state.


Under this head we have to see proper use and maintenance of various projection units in the state. This includes screening of film shows, video shows on development subjects and submission of monthly progress reports and returns to the DIPR on regular basis.
We have been providing Public Address (PA) System for all governmental functions/ VIP functions in the district and organize mobile announcement broadcasting as and when required.

We have recorded VIP speeches particularly that of Chief Minister, minister during their visits to the district and sent the same to DIPR for publication. We have been sending press releases of every incidents, visits, developments etc. Many of the press releases were printed in daily newspapers also.
We have provided photo coverage for all important developmental functions including VIP visits. The photograph coverage were also being carried out during observations of all important day viz. Republic Day, Independence Day, State- hood Day and local festivals.
We had helped in organizing cultural activities in collaboration with the cultural affairs department , local cultural organization/ societies, Songs and Drama units of the Directorate etc. from time to time. We have in close touch with the Art & Cultural Department in organizing cultural programme etc. in important days and in VIP visits.
We have maintained the existing Community Listening sets, Community Viewing sets and proper monitoring of their use and submission of monthly reports and returns to DIPR. This also includes liaison for proper maintenance of existing VLPT centres in the districts.