Planning, Programme Implementation Economics and Statistics

A. Planning
(i) formulation of Planning objective and priorities.
(ii) Preparation of Five Year Plans, Annual Plans and other Development Plans like NEC etc.
(iii) Mid Term appraisal of Five Year Plans/ Annual Plans.
(iv) Intra/Inter sectoral adjustment of outlay.
(v) Plan Coordination.
(vi) Micro level Planning/Untied Fund.
(vii) Servicing of State Development Council/State Planning Board.
(viii) Matters relating to MPLADS.
b. Porgramme Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
*(i) Monitoring/Review of Implementation of State Plan Scheme, NEC Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes including the Border Area Development Programme.
(ii) Monitoring of Twenty Point programme/Basic Minimum Services.
(iii) Evaluation studies/Field visits.
c. Economics and Statistics
(i) All matters relating to Economics and Statistics.
(ii) Collection, compilation and dissemination of core statistical information in the shape of returns and annual publication both State and District level like “Statistical abstract of Arunachal Pradesh and district Statistical Hand Book” “Socio Economic Review and district Socio Economic Review” etc.
* Substituted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA(A)- 40/98 dated 14-6-2001
(iii) Collection of both Primary and Secondary data and conduct of ad-hoc surveys and type studies for estimation of state and district Domestic product (income) and release of Annual Report.
(iv) Estimation of Capital Formation/Consumption and release thereof.
(v) Analysis of state Budget for annual Publication like “Budget in Brief” and purpose classification of Budget.
(vi) Implementation of Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969 for issue of Birth/Death Certificates, Chief Registrar birth and death and publication of Annual Reports.
(vii) Construction of Consumer Price Index of the State and release of Periodical price Bulletins.
(viii) Collection and compilation of data for annual Projection of demand and availability of various categories of Manpower in the State and annual Publication of reports thereof besides annual Census of Government employees.
(ix) Conduct of Annual survey of Industries in Arunachal Pradesh for construction of Index for Industrial Production (IIP) and Publication of reports thereof.
(x) Collection and compilation of block level statistics and publication thereof.
(xi) To provide training facilities for lower level Statistical Personal of Different Departments of State Government and arrange for higher Institutional Training outside the State for statistical professionals.
(xii) Conduct of National Sample Survey both Central and State Samples and Tabulation/Publication of Reports for State Samples.
(xiii) Quinqunnial conduct of central scheme of “Economic Census” in the state.
(xiv) Nodal Agency on behalf of the State government in conduct of decennial population Census in the State and publication of Reports thereof.
(xv) And such other matters not specified above.