Labour and Employment

A. Labour
(i) Enforcement of labour laws (about 30 Acts applicable to Arunachal Pradesh).
(ii) Fixation/revision of minimum wages payable to various categories of workers in scheduled employment under minimum wages Act 1948.
(iii) Implementation of National Programme on child labour.
(iv) Management of industrial disputes.
(v) Certification of standing orders under the industrial employment (S.O) Act, 1948.
(vi) Workers participation in management.
(vii) Workers Education programme.
(viii) Statutory and non-statutory welfare scheme for industrial commercial and agricultural workers.
(ix) Employees State Insurance Scheme.
(x) Implementation of the wages boards recommendations for working and non-working journalists.
(xi) State child and women labour cell.
(xii) Matters relating to ILC/SLC/labour Minister’s conference/Regional labour ministries conference.
(xiii) I.L.O conventions/ratification, meeting etc.
(xiv) All matters relating to agricultural labour.
(xv) Labour statistics.
(xvi) All matter relating to Trade Unions.
(xvii) Annual/half yearly/quarterly/monthly labour reports/returns.
(xviii) Legislation on shops and commercial establishments.
(xix) Registration of establishments and licencing of contractors under CL (R & A) Act and ISMW Act.
(xx) Matter relating to workmen’s compensation under workers group insurance.
(xxi) National Commission for women.
(xxii) National Commission on rural Labour.
(xxiii) Eradication of Slavery and child labour.
(xxiv) Supreme Court and other Court cases in respect of labour.
B. Employment
(i) Employment Exchange.
(ii) Employment market information programme.
(iii) Enforcement of EE (CNV) Act, 1959.
(iv) Manpower studies and surveys.
(v) Vocational guidance and employment Counseling.
(vi) Registration, Sponsoring and placement of job seekers.
(vii) Employment statistics-Bi-annual/Annual/Half yearly/quarterly and monthly reports/return.