Animal Husbandry and Veterinary

A. Animal Husbandry
(i) Extension and Training.
(ii) Cattle and Buffalo Development.
(iii) Poultry Development.
(iv) Sheep, Goat and Wool Development.
(v) Piggery Development.
(vi) Other Livestock Development.
(vii) Conservation and Development of Indigenous Livestock.
(viii) Livestock Census.
(ix) Frozen Semen Technology and Artificial Insemination.
(x) Upgradation/improvement of Domestic Animal.
(xi) Feed & Fodder Development.
B. Veterinary
(i) Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseased animal/birds.
(ii) Prevention and Control livestock and poultry diseases.
(iii) Prevention against the cruelty of animals and birds.
(iv) Prevention and Control of Zoonotic diseases.
C. Dairy Development
(i) Enhance the milk production.
(ii) Processing of milk and milk products.
(iii) Collection and marketing of milk and milk products.
(iv) Organisation of dairy Co-operative Society through integrated Dairy Development programme.
(v) Imparting training on dairy management.