Covid 19 Update Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar, March 23:Emphasizing on the importance of communication, Health Minister AloLibang today urged the Deputy Commissioners of border districts to relay the information of all people entering their districts to enter another to their counterparts. He said that relaying communication timely will go a long way in taking preventive measures.

Libang also congratulated the DC and the team for successfully observing the Janta Curfew on the 22nd March.

Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar cleared the air on understanding the lockdown order of the state. He clarified that hotels, home stays and lodges will continue to operate and instructed the DCs to ensure that tourists who are already staying in are not thrown out in the name of lockdown. He however suggested that proper hygiene will have to be maintained in these establishments.

He also asked the DCs to ensure that labourers with valid ILPs, who are already in Arunachal, may be allowed to continue their stay here.

Urging the DCs to ensure there is no panic amongst the public, Kumar reiterated that movement of Essential services like ration, pol etc shall be allowed to enter the state and their movement, after following the Standard operating Procedure (SOP), should not be restricted in any check gates.

Kumar also clarified that construction activities like that in NH415 will continue and as such, movement of trucks carrying cement, bricks and other such items will be allowed, after going through the necessary SOP.

Awareness Session on COVID 19 conducted at Raj Bhavan





Awareness Session on COVID 19 conducted at Raj Bhavan

An Awareness Session about Corona Virus Infectious Disease (COVID 19) was conducted in the Governor’s Secretariat, Itanagar for the employees of Raj Bhavan on 19th March 2020. Dr. Jennifer Tayeng, Senior Medical Officer, Raj Bhavan Dispensary cum State Trainer on COVID 19 Awareness Campaign briefed the employees, which included those attached to Raj Bhavan, about the epidemiology of COVID-19, globally and in India, preventive measures through personal hygiene and etiquette.

Dr. Tayeng said that spread of COVID 19 can be contain, if all the staff avoid closed crowded spaces, maintain distance of 1metre, refrain from touching own face, nose and mouth, physical contact like shaking hands and religiously follow frequent hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. She advised the staffs to follow seven steps of Hand Washing, i.e. Step 1 – Wet your hands and apply enough soap (coin size), Step 2 – Rub your palms together, Step 3 – Rub the back of each hand, Step 4 – Rub both your hands while interlocking your fingers, Step 5 – Rub the back of your fingers, Step 5 – Rub the tips of your fingers, Step 6 – Rub your thumbs and the ends of your wrists and Step 7 – Rinse both hands properly with water. For easy catch up of the employees, she suggested a mnemonic ‘SUMAN K’ – ‘Seedha Ulta Mutthi Anghuta Nakhun Kalai’ in hand washing with soap and water or 70% alcohol based sanitizer.

Senior Medical Officer cautioned the staff against bulk purchasing of mask and hand sanitizers, which, she said deprives other people of the vital items, thereby inviting faster spread of the disease. You are not safe till others near you are safe, she said.

Dr. Tayeng asked the staffs to home quarantine any relatives coming from COVID 19 infected places having symptoms of any respiratory infections like cough for at least 14 days, before allowing them to move around. She emphasized on them to seek medical care immediately, in case, they find common symptoms include fever, fatigue, dry cough and breathing difficulty in their ward.

Dr. Tayeng warned against rumour mongers and said that action may be initiated by the administration against them by invoking powers conferred under section 2 of the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897. (Regulation no. 9).



PRO to Governor

Arunachal Pradesh

ITANAGAR, March 19, 2020


Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein reviewed the status of Miao to Vijoynagar PMGSY road

ITANAGAR, March 19:

Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein reviewed the status of Miao to Vijoynagar PMGSY road along with the Minister of Rural Work Department, Shri Honchun Ngandam and the Minister of Urban Development, etc cum local MLA, Shri Kamlung Mossang at his Secretariat office today. In the meeting, the ways and means and the way forward for the completion of the road has been discussed.

Mein said that the State Govt is very much concern about the road connectivity to Vijoynagar, one of the remotest Administrative Headquarter of the State and pressed for early completion of the Miao to Vijoynagar road. He said that the State Govt will provide fund as gap funding for re-alligment/strengthening and improvement of the road. However, he categorically said to judiciously utilize the fund for the purpose and not to make any deviation of the fund.

It was informed that construction of 157.56 km Miao to Vijoynagar road was delayed due to re-alignment and diversion of the road to avoid the Wildlife sanctuary. It passes through swampy/marshy land thereby incurring huge additional expenses. However, by putting in the latest technology of road construction (GSB), now the road is constructed successfully along the swampy/marshy land. It was also informed that the road is being divided into package of five parts and around 57% of the total length of the road has been completed so far.

In the meeting, Secretary RWD, Kapa Kholie, Chief Engineer (E/Z), Kago Tabiyo, CE PMGSY, D Nyodu, SE T Tamin, and EE, N Rike were also present.